Have You Ever Planned to Take Your Future to a Higher Level Through Foreign Currency Trading?

In the present economic scenario, there are many people who are either unemployed or are finding it difficult to get a job. This is on the account of intense competition in the employment field. But there is a ray of hope for such individuals and the easy solution is to start working from home.The immediate question that would arise is what kind of job can I do? There are jobs like data entry, online advertising, trading in securities, freelance article writing, freelance consulting or freelance recruiting that can be done from home. Apart from all these jobs, foreign currency trading is liked by many people. You can do trading by working from home at your own convenience. There is no restriction or any fixed working hours. Flexibility & Convenience are some of the basic benefits while working from home. Plan Your Schedule Accordingly.Foreign Currency Trading is nothing but buying and selling of foreign currencies in the foreign exchange market. Previously currency trading was restricted to big corporate like banks and multinational companies. But now even individuals can participate and do currency trading.No doubt it is more or less similar to share trading. There is lot of volatility and you need to be little careful while trading in foreign currency.Careful analysis of the market conditions and the vision to make more money can no doubt make you a trading expert.There is a base currency and counter currency. There are Foreign Currency Quotes and it is traded in pairs like USD/JPY (USD – US Dollars and JPY- Japanese Yen), EUR/USD (EUR- Euro). If you feel that on a particular day the US Dollar is likely to increase against the Japanese Yen (JPY), you can buy it. When the exchange rate goes up, you will sell the same and thereby make good profits.The entire market depends mainly on global conditions, economic conditions, political factors as well as industrial performance. Any unforeseen events could trigger the market either way.How to trade foreign currency? There are some important tips that need to be followed in foreign currency trading.The 12 most important tips for trading to be done efficiently are:1) Start Saving Money: It is important for you to start saving money. Once you have enough money in hand, you can easily invest 5% to 10% of your savings in the foreign exchange market.2) Plan Your Strategy or Trading Plans: There should be good planning before you start to trade. There are lots of momentum’s in the market. Sometimes it might go up or go down, at times there could be swings. It is important for you to decide which position you are going to take, whether you are looking for short term gains or long term gains. So you need lot of exposure to the market and do intense research or take guidance from your broker or tips from the company through which you are trading. Study the Market Conditions Very Carefully and do a thorough Analysis of the Market before putting down your hard earned money. Whenever you get time, devote time to do research on the market. Study and doing research will definitely help you in becoming a trading expert.3) Be ready to face any Uncertainty: Once you start doing Online Trading, you should be ready to face anything. There is no doubt that volatility is the core of foreign currency market. So be prepared to take little risk. Decide your risk appetite before trading. It is important for you to be careful and at the same time, take little risk if not too much of risk.4) Pick the Right Quotes or Right Currency Pair: It is important to ascertain the market climate and pick the right pair. Study the market carefully. It is important to use technical charts while trading.5) Take suggestions or tips from your Broker/Company: Take the guidance from your broker or company through which you are doing the trading.6) Do not be greedy: Do not become desperate to make profits as this could erode away your savings. It is important to plan carefully your risk appetite as well as trading strategy. Be contented with what profits you get. If you have made a good profit for the day, stop trading and plan for the next day. There is a saying that man’s wants are unlimited. So you need to remain content with what you get. Slowly you can build up your finance. There are opportunities in the market every day. On some days, the market may not favor you and you may not succeed in making profits. So try to control your emotions.7) Start trading with a small amount: It is better to start trading with a minimum amount. Invest 5% or 10% of your savings and this primarily depends on your financial capacity.8) Check credentials of your broker/company before opening an account: Always trade through a reliable broker and check their track records.9) Use demo accounts before actually starting online trading.10) Attend a training session before entering the online market.11) While trading, always maintain a stop loss and watch for currency pairs that have less spreads.12) Have a tab on market charts, market fluctuations and timings.While going for online foreign currency trading, there are certain procedures that need to be followed. In case you are operating through a broker or company, you need to open a foreign currency trading account which could either be a single account or joint account.There are certain documents that need to be furnished along with a minimum amount for trading.The following are the list of documents:- Account Opening Form or Online Application- Tax Form (W-8 BEN for Non-US Customers)- Photo Identification, Residential Proof- Funding account for participating in trading- Other Supporting Documentation- Trading AgreementAdvantages of Online foreign exchange Trading:There are lots of advantages involved in Foreign Currency Trading as it is easy to get started with a minimum amount. The basic plus point is that it can be done from anywhere and is done in many countries. The market is opened for 24 hours. There are different markets like Asian Markets, European Markets, New York Markets etc which open at different timings. Choice of Currency and zero percent commission in some of the countries are the major benefits involved in Currency Trading.There is no doubt that there are some disadvantages also while doing foreign exchange Trading. Markets are volatile and hence there is risk factor. Losing capital is also quite high. The market is primarily dependent on economic factors and political climate. So you have no idea what is in store for tomorrow. These are the major disadvantages involved.But without taking risk, you can not earn good amount of money. Once you study the market very well and become an expert trader, there is no need to fear.Foreign Currency Trading is a good idea of making money. But my personal recommendation is that do a solid research on the market, undergo training and then start online trading. The basic idea behind this is that on account of lack of knowledge and volatility in the market, there are chances that you might lose your hard earned money. But with good knowledge and intense research, you could earn very well sitting from home.

Best Bank For Business Checking Accounts – What to Look For

Owning a small business usually means wearing many hats – as head of sales, production, office administration, payroll and yes, accounting. Choosing a business bank is often done impulsively. Many business owners look for one that is near their place of business or their home – or one that is on the way to work. Others choose based upon fancy advertising or a catchy slogan. Still other business owners might see a featured special offer and just make a split decision to choose that bank.Truth is, most small business owners feel that they are just too busy to take the time to choose the very best bank for business checking accounts.However, if you think about it, choosing wisely can mean the difference between finding a business ally and ending up stuck with a fee-hungry institution who seems like they merely are out to increase their annual profits at your expense.If you are looking for the best bank for business checking accounts, here are some tips on what to look for:1. Make sure they are FDIC-insured:This one is pretty obvious, but not being FDIC-insured should be an instant disqualifier for any bank you are considering. You see, the bank that you end up choosing may not necessarily be one of those big banks with the large advertising budgets who place ads in major newspapers and make flashy TV commercials. In fact, your business may best benefit from becoming the customer of a small local or regional bank. This can be a very advisable option. But, all the more reason to ask about whether they are FDIC-insured.2. Be sure you understand their fee structure:The banks you consider may tell you they offer free business checking. That’s all fine and well, but make sure there is no catch. The catch, in many cases, is an over-the-top fee structure related to any number of regular bank services.For example, some banks charge fees relative to your average daily balance, or they require a minimum balance during the course of a given month. Others charge for processing checks after granting you a certain number of free transactions. Be sure to ask probing questions about all of the possible fees you could encounter while a customer with the bank, given the anticipated banking habits of your particular business.3. Understand, in particular, their overdraft policy:Overdraft fees have become a big money drain for personal and business checking accounts alike. The need to have to pay large amounts of money to your bank in overdraft fees can usually be traced back to participation in overdraft protection programs. These programs, while sounding benign or even helpful to the customer, can actually be structured in such a way that bank customers end up spending more each month than if they had not been enrolled at all. Be sure to inquire carefully with your prospective business bank about their overdraft policies.4. Find out whether they offer additional business services:One of the biggest potential benefits of being a business banking customer is having access to other valued-added bank services, such as payroll services and small business loans. Make sure to check out the full range of services available to you as a bank customer.Resisting the temptation to impulsively choose a business bank based upon geography or clever advertising can pay off. Spend some time doing your homework and you will increase your chances of finding a bank that will satisfy your business needs for years to come.

Brainstorming The Ideas for Influencing Your Mobile App Audience

Once the app is downloaded, you have little time to take a sigh of relief, and then again start focusing on making things easier for the them till their goal is achieved.

According to the AppsFlyer, an app marketing company, the global uninstall rate for apps after 30 days is 28%. Entertainment apps are most frequently deleted, whereas apps based on Finance is least frequently deleted. No matter which app category you belong to, your strategy should be to remain in the mobile phones of users for a long time, and not just sit around but to fulfill your purpose as well.

If we analyze the encounters of users with an app step by step, it can help us unveil the critical factors that influence mobile app audiences, so that we can work upon those and achieve our purpose. Here are the details:

Step1. Finding Your App in Appstore

For this, we have to first find out what exactly users type to search an app. Based on a research, it has been found that 47% app users on iOS confirmed that they found the app through the App Store’s search engine and 53% app users on Android confirmed the same.

What have been their search queries? Interestingly, as the per the data provided by the TUNE research, 86% of the top 100 keywords were brands.With little scope for non-branded categories, most of the keywords were either of games of utility apps. Common keywords in the non branded category are: games, free games, VPN, calculator, music, photo editor, and weather.

Leaving brands aside, if we analyze the user-type of a Non-branded category, we will get two types of users:

1. Users are informed, and they know what they are search

2. Users are exploring possibilities, have no precise information in mind.

If you are a mobile app development company, targeting non-branded users, then your efforts must be directed to creating apps that compel these two types of users. To do so, we have to analyze once they are on an app store, what keywords they use to search. Regina Leuwer, with expertise in marketing & communications, bring some light to the subject. She reached out Sebastian Knopp, creator of app store search intelligence tool appkeywords, who shared with her the data of unique trending search phrases. And according to that data, in 2017, there were around 2,455 unique search phrases trending in the US.

Now, if we study these data to get information, we will find that name of the app is critical to attract the attention of the users.

If your app belongs to non-branded category, then make sure your app name is similar to the common search queries but also unique in comparison with your competitors. So that when your app name is flashed, they click it on to it, finding it purposeful and compelling both.

Step 2. Installation

Remember your users are on mobile devices has limited resources, from battery to storage and RAM to Internet. Everything is limited. So better create an application that is easy to download or say get downloaded with 5 minutes. One critical advice here:

1. Keep the application file size small.

If you are a developer, use APK Analyser to find out which part of the application is consuming maximum space. You can also reduce classes.dex file and res folder that contains images, raw files, and XML.

Step 3. Onboarding

After the user has successfully downloaded your mobile application, don’t leave anything on assumptions. Guide them properly. This you can do through an onboarding process, where users can learn the key functionality and where to begin with the mobile app. Below are the 3 things you need to keep in your mind when creating an onboarding process for your users.

Short and Crisp: The entire guidance of features and functions should be completed within few seconds, with easy options loud and clear option to skip.

Precise Information: Don’t introduce them to the app. They already know what they have downloaded. The objective to inform about the key functions and features.

Allow Users to Skip: Let the tech-savvy users skip the intro. Your app is to meet their requirement and not to have a friendly session.

Step 4. Purpose and UI
Here, the stage is set for your app and it is the golden chance for you to impress your users. What is needed here is the collaboration between purpose and UI of the app. It totally depends on the problem-solving capability and ease of use of the mobile app. Interface design plays the critical role, allowing the users to access features of the apps easily and quickly to perform the task for what they have downloaded the app. When it comes to interface design, make sure that the design is interactive and task-oriented. Here are some factors that you must take care off while creating mobile app interface:

1. Usability: The Mobile phone is an epitome of convenience and if your users find it difficult to use your app, then there is no way there are going to make the space for it in their mobile phones. From screen size to the color of the app, there are many factors that are equally critical and need attention.

2. Intuitive: To create an intuitive User Interface, you have to read the mind of the users, and develop a model based on that. The next should be precise, clear and ‘obvious’ in an interface.

3. Availability: Key features should be hidden in the drop down menu or even if so, it should be obvious for the user to look into the drop-down. An intricate work of design and research is required to make essential features available for the customers and they don’t need to navigate here and there.

If you need more help with the user-interface and innovative ideas for a mobile app, write to me [email protected] and I promise to get back to you with interesting mobile app designs.